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Sometimes the best thing you can do is “get in the room” Join the Melanin Millionaires Club and connect with aspiring 1st Generation Melanin Millionaire’s.

Led by some of the top Financial Thought leaders, you are sure to have a daily dose of valuable money insights to help you on your journey.

Does this sound like you?

You want to learn how to make your financial plan bullet-proof so that unforeseen circumstances don't derail your goals

You wish you just had someone with the knowledge and expertise that you could trust to help guide you through understanding what protecting your assets really looks like

You want to be the one that changes the trajectory of your families financial legacy, but sometimes you feel like you have a lot of pressure riding on your shoulders and you wish you didn’t have to do it on your own

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Join the
Melanin Millionaire Club, the #1 Community for Aspiring 1st Generation Melanin Millionaires

You’ll go from not knowing where to start and feeling stuck and confused to having:

Clarity on what your financial target is and how you should be marching towards it.

Confidence In where you are headed with your financial future, from the education and resources you’ve gained in the community and feeling empowered to make better decisions

ControlInstead of your finances feeling like they run you, you will finally start to feel like you are the one who’s running the show.

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1 Community & Networking

Meet ambitious and like minded peers building generational wealth through collaboration, workshops, and events

2 Money Challenges

Money challenges create fun and meaningful routines that help all-of-us hit our wealth building goals.

3 Money Milestones

Celebrate your wins along the way and unlock badges and milestones as you level up financially

4 Guide & Resources

Access all of our how-to guides and resources as an inncer circle member




The inner circle is a unique community dedicated to helping you build generational wealth through…

– Networking Opp.
– Money Challenges
– Money Milestones
– Guides & Resources

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– All Inner Circle Perk
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