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    On a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their 1st $1,000 in the stock market.

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Global Brand Based in Charlotte, NC. 

Merchandise For A Movement Of Change.

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Invest in our future

learn how you can support our efforts to bring financial literacy and empowerment to our community and our youth.

why we do it?

The purpose behind this brand is to create awareness around the necessity of wealth creation and economic advancement among people of color. This is a movement. The Melanin Million Movement to be exact. 

We have a goal of helping 100,000 people of color, invest $1,000 each, which will collectively create $100,000,000 of new wealth. This is just the starting point.  Together, we will take action  as we march towards closing the racial wealth gap. 

Whether you purchase a product from our store or open an investment account, that is the first step towards taking action and helping create awareness about this movement. While supporting a black-owned business in the process, which is a major key.