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Did you know?

53% Employees report experiencing financial stress in the workplace. We see an even higher percentage of millennials admitting to this stress at 65%.

46% Employees say they spend 3 hours a week or more thinking or dealing with personal finance issues at work. This results in wasted effort from all parties involved.

51% of Millennials and 57% of Gen X employees withdraw from their retirement account for unexpected expenses.

67% of employees struggle to pay bills every month, 71% carry month to month credit card balances, and 57% couldn’t cover a $500 unexpected expense.

72% of employees say that they would use financial wellness services if their workplace offered it, BUT 52% of those individuals said they find it embarrassing to ask for financial help.

Cost to Employers

  • 2010 Federal reserve study shows that $230 billion per year is lost due to a lack of productivity from financially stressed employees.
  • 53% of workers report financial stress and 46% of those stressed admit they spend at least 3 hours a week dealing with personal financial matters in the workplace. Ex.
  • With 10,000 employees that is almost 2,500 employees. Each employee reported losing 3 hrs. per week
  • 46 work weeks in a year given an average corporate salary of 17.25 hr equates to a total of $5.95 Million per year lost to financial stress (or $2,400 per employee).
  • This number increases if majority of employees are millennial
  • This also doesn’t include Absenteeism (12% of employees admit to missing work occasionally due to financial worries)

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