GROW: Mentorship

We believe that your income is the greatest lever to begin building wealth faster. So the goal of this stage is to help you make more money and refine your high income skillset(s) while establishing the foundations of wealth.

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The Mentorship Tier is typically a good fit for people with income and/or revenues between $75k- $250k+

This is for the person who has identified how they want to make money, but needs additional guidance and structure on how to identify high value income earning possibilities or refine your existing one.

In doing so, you will have more cash flow to grow your business, and begin investing more. You know that you have the ability to create a multi 6-figure business and build wealth, but need the right guidance to do so.

Goals at this stage:


The Mentorship Level of our Club is a great start for those who are ready to take themselves and their wealth to the next level. Explore Some of the benefits of our Club.

Structured Curriculum Including:

Additional Mentorship Club Level Benefits:

Relevant Education Roadmap


We have combined the expertise and infrastructure of Wealth Management & CPA Firm, with the education and community of your favorite membership club. This allows us to leverage the power of community while never losing sight of the implementation required to receive the results you are seeking. Instead of just giving you the “secrets” we give you access to the services to implement them.

This program is designed for the person who knows they want to be the wealth builder for their family. They have a desire to approach wealth building in a non-traditional path and understand that entrepreneurship can be a key lever in doing so unless you are already making multiple 6 figures at a minimum. It’s for people who want to retire faster than traditional financial advice and the only way to do that, is to not follow the traditional path. It’s for people who value community and accountability and don’t want to do it alone. People who are coachable and willing to get out of your comfort zone.

If you are someone who does not have the desire to grow and scale beyond the traditional path to financial freedom, there is nothing wrong with that, but this is not the community for you. If you do not see yourself having secondary streams of income to get to your wealth building goals faster or doing things within a community, then our program won’t likely be a good fit.

Our program pricing was designed in a way to over deliver and is already underpriced. If you currently have any of the included services prior to joining our program, let us know and we may be able to offer credits on a case by case basis but its not required. If the other components of the program do not seem to still exceed the cost and value when removing the services you have, we understand if our program is no longer a good fit for you.

We have structured our program to be able to meet everyone where they are so they don’t have to overextend themselves financially, or be overwhelmed with information that is not uniquely relevant to them at the time. We understand that it can be exciting to get in the “bigger room” but doing so prematurely can actually cause more harm than good. In select situations like inheriting a financial windfall or having pending business deals that are in route that could warrant entry to a tier that you do not currently qualify for. When you speak with one of our enrollment consultants they will be able to make a final decision pending review.

If you are not currently an entrepreneur but have ambitions to become one, then yes. Since our program curriculum on each tier is designed to evolve based on your evolution as a business owner, you just may have to put more focus on the early phase curriculum, even if your job income would qualify you to be eligible for a hire tier. Our enrollment specialist can help you determine which path may make the most sense for you.

We do allow members to purchase services as a standalone if you are in a tier that does not include them and we will give you a member discount! It’s important however to understand that purchasing services as a standalone is not a path to circumvent upgrading as a cost savings measure. While our included services are an extremely large value add, the core of each tier is to address specific and relevant problems that you are facing based upon where you are in your journey by getting a structured educational and advisory framework to navigate it, while also being in the room with the right people experiencing the same things. Trying to circumvent costs will only hinder your growth and progress.

Our program currently has 4 levels, so at the very minimum, we would love to see everyone evolve from just starting out all the way to creating a sellable enterprise. It’s important to understand that you may not be ready to go to the next tier each year, but that is exactly the reason why you should remain a part of the program so that you can put yourself in a position to evolve. You will still progress even if you aren’t yet ready to ascend. Additionally, if you progress faster, you will have the opportunity to upgrade prior to your program renewal date Each tier.

Outside of our membership level tier, all of our programs are annual programs but after year 1, you have the discretion to continue to engage us how you see fit. If you are eligible for a higher tier and want to downgrade, keep in mind that our price differences from tier to tier aren’t solely based on added benefits, but the unique design of our educational and advisory framework, based on where you are in your entrepreneurial and wealth building journey. Downgrading may result in not being able to fully take advantage of the program resources designed for the level you are currently at. Feel free to speak with a member of our team to discuss further.

Our program is bigger than business. We want to remain connected through all of the ebbs and flows of your wealth building journey If you decide to leave the program unless it’s for a qualified reason, we currently do not offer re-enrollment. We have a waitlist of interested people who want to join our program so one of the ways we protect the integrity of the room is by ensuring everyone here understands both the importance and the value of being here. That being said, anyone who joins our program will always be family and we will support you and your journey even if you decide not to renew your membership.

If you have been with the program for a full calendar year, you will receive access to all curriculum in an external drive.

As long as you remain enrolled in our program, you will be able to remain grandfathered in at your current price point and current service offering. In the event we add additional components to the program we reserve the right to charge additional fee for those components to cover the cost of the additions that you will have.

Your spouse or business partner can access the curriculum and community with you! However as it relates to business partners, if not a spouse, there may be added fee for services that we offer to cover the cost of the additional person. This also would apply to in person experiences as well.

Yes! The Melanin Millionaire’s club is not here to exclude anyone, we are here to simply ensure underrepresented people know that they are worthy of wealth.

Carter and George regularly host Q&As where they answer your questions + coach you. What we have found is that having this in a group format is actually better for you. In many instances, you don’t know all the questions you should be asking, so now you get the benefit of not only getting your questions answered, but also the questions that you did not even think to ask. For those in the mastermind level, they get to work with an advisor 1 to 1 to go even deeper on questions you have.

At its core, the Melanin Millionaires Club is to help you build wealth. However, we understand that if you are not making enough income, it will be hard to get to that goal. As a value-add component, Carter and I regularly teach ways to help you boost your income, as well as bringing in different experts, however what we teach is usually centered around doing what we’ve done, just in your own respective niches. If that’s not something you want to do (the model and strategy not exact profession), and you prefer to run other businesses like Short term rental, vending machines etc. We do bring additional experts to provide insights on these topics, but it may require additional effort on your part to bridge the gap in learning what you need to know.

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