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Melanin Million Movement 


76% of Americans are living check to check. 69% have less than $1,000 in savings. To break it down even further, 34% don’t have a single penny in savings. 35% have less than $1,000. Meaning Less than ¼ of Americans have enough money saved away for six months worth of their expenses in the event of job loss, or money to cover a medical emergency or unexpected event. Average credit card debt per household is about $15,432. Then most staggering statistic of them all is that approximately only 1-2% of Financial Advisors are African American. Which lets me know that many African Americans don’t work with one or tend to struggle even more with money, simply because they can't find someone to educate them that looks like them! We want to change that; everyone deserves access to quality financial advice to plan out their future. We are on a mission to reduce the racial wealth gap. A study showed that African American households had a median wealth of $1,700, while white households had a median wealth of $116,800 and the difference is widening. Without significant policy reform in America, it would take 228 years for black families to amass the wealth that white families have today, according to a new study.  So now more than ever, we must take action on improving the state of the financial well-being of people of color.

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This movement is for people of color and anyone in support of our plight.


To do our part in changing the narrative of people of color not building wealth; we are charging everyone to help close the racial wealth gap one person at a time. The first goal is to create $100,000,000 of NEW WEALTH among people of color. Beyond that, we will increase financial literacy through community programs and published content on our platforms. We plan to make a strong push for government reform to change policies that have been intentionally or carelessly designed to keep people of color from building wealth.



NOW! Our goal is to reach the first $100,000,000 within 36 months of our launch. There has never been a better time to take massive action on shifting the course of history and cementing our legacy.



Through Makes Cents 2 Me, INC & Money Savvy Financial, LLC we will help 100,000 People of Color invest at least $1,000 each, which is just 84.00 dollars per month. For those who can invest more, you should do so, since this directly benefits your wealth building potential. For those who can't invest $84.00, do what you can, you can start for as little as $50.00 per month if necessary.  We leverage a world-class platform that gives investors at any level the ability to invest in the stock market. Traditionally advisors are not proactively serving people who can only invest small amounts and in most cases, have large minimum requirements to begin investing. We are eliminating that barrier and are committed to providing the platform, education, and resources to start building your wealth today. For most people, it will merely be a matter for redirecting the dollars that were once going elsewhere and now using it to build your wealth. We can help you set up your account up in minutes, and you will have online access your account, anytime. You can set up automatic deposits so that you can ensure that you pay yourself first. By being apart of our community, you can gain access to resources that will help you manage all areas of your financial life.



Visit our movement overview page learn more about how this works and how you can get started. Also, review our FAQ's that should help answer some questions you may have.


Disclaimer: Melanin Money is not a Registered Investment Advisor. Investment advisory services are offered through Capitalwize, LLC. Acheampong Enterprise, LLC DBA "Melanin Money" is a marketing campaign that sells lifestyle apparel and accessories that were created to bring awareness to the movement of helping people of color build wealth. Clients of Capitalwize are under no obligation to purchase products from Melanin Money. Additionally, Customers of Melanin Money are under no obligation to become investment advisory clients of Capitalwize